Passion For Running Bring Together Michael Capiraso and Other Runners Through JoggingBuddy

Michael Capiraso is a transactional leader whose results-driven commitment and comprehensive team-building have resulted in long-term growth for sports, entertainment, and consumer goods companies. Before he became the president of the New York Road Runners, Michael spearheaded extensive operations and worked towards successfully building the brands of companies like Calvin Klein, NFL, WPP, among others. Michael has accomplished excellent achievements […]

Alejandro Betancourt Contribution to Hawkers Success

Alejandro Betancourt is an entrepreneur with degrees in business and economics. After his studies, he began looking for projects that benefited his country to offer financial support. His track record includes an internet company, a bank, and an oil company. He is also a co-founder of an energy firm that brought thermonuclear power to his country. After a few years, […]

Payam Banazadeh Takes Existing Technology To A New Level

Payam Banazadeh with Capella Space has brought to light some very imaginative ways of using existing technology. Capella Space has been able to take Synthetic Aperture Radar and revisit various uses for it. It is important to look at Payam’s previous education and experience in order to understand how this has become so innovative.¬† Payam Banazadeh received his bachelor’s of […]