In 1988, John and Valli Ritenour founded Insurance Office of America and envisioned a different kind of company that didn’t subscribe to the traditional hierarchy of upper management and employees that was rampant at the time. What started as a three-person company in Florida, over time became a highly respected company with over 1,300 team members and in 2020 had a gross sales revenue of an astounding $238 million. John Ritenour attributes much of his success to his firm belief in fostering a positive work culture and viewing his employees as more than corporate robots trapped in the toxicity of the standard American workplace.

John Ritenour had many reasons for implementing a different kind of work culture, but specifies that investing in his employees leads to employee retention, increased productivity and creativity, and an overall better company reputation. A huge benefit and major difference of working for Insurance Office of America compared to other companies, is the employees are independent agents that aren’t tied to earning caps and have unlimited earning potential. While John Ritenour’s innovative perspective on work culture earned his company many awards such as Success magazine’s Success Award for Business Achievement, he is aware that there is always room for improvement. In 2020 Insurance Office of America collaborated with top management consulting Firm, Gallaher Edge, to ensure they were always evolving with the times and needs of its employees. Though he has since retired, John Ritenour is no doubt a beacon of change for how American companies are run.

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