ClassDojo Enables Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Studies have proven repeatedly that the greater a parent’s involvement in their child’s education, the more successful the child is. However, the parent and child are not the only ones to benefit. EdTech companies certainly benefit too. EdTech companies, such as ClassDojo, have platforms that make it easier for families and teachers to stay in touch.

Benefits For Students

It seems simple how students benefit when parents and teachers collaborate. Students have a successful academic career when they are getting personal support at home. Parents who provide homework help are helping their children develop study habitats and a sense of accountability.

Teacher And Parent Benefits

Teachers also benefit when there is a good line of communication with the families. When teachers and families collaborate, often the teacher sees higher scores and higher attendance rates in the classroom. Families benefit because they get an inside view of what is happening in school.

Business Benefit

EdTech companies that had communication platforms for teachers and parents grew during the pandemic. ClassDojo, a free school communication platform, is in 95% of classrooms throughout the United States. The platform has over 50 million users in 180 countries. Teachers can send messages to the families directly send messages through the platform. They can also share announcements and assignments. Students can share videos and photos of all their hard work with their families through the platform. Thanks to creating a platform that’s purpose is student success, ClassDojo has been successful. The platform growth exploded during the pandemic. They have also converted free users to paid subscribers. They successfully tripled their 2020 revenue.

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