Avoiding digital screens in the twenty-first century is almost impossible. From the obvious phones and computers, to watches, alarm clocks, and cars there are screens absolutely everywhere. The influx over the last fifteen years, alone, has been staggering. It is no surprise that our eyes are struggling to keep up. Now coined, “digital eye strain”, many people are experiencing blurred vision, headaches, difficulty focusing, and a series of other tertiary symptoms due to everyday exposure to blue light screens (Crunchbase). 


How can we possibly function in society, today, without sacrificing our 20/20 vision? According to the specialized ophthalmologist Dr. Tom Chang MD, there are a few simple tips and tricks we can all use to help alleviate some of that strain on our vision no matter our profession or age. The first, and easiest to remember, is to implement the 20/20/20 rule: twenty second breaks, every twenty minutes, to focus on something twenty feet away. Tom Chang MD explains that this will give your eyes time to refocus and readjust. If you experience frequent dry eyes, repeatedly blinking can also help. 


Another big tip is to pay attention to where your screen is located. Ideally, you want to have it 20-28 inches from your eyes, and 4-5 inches below eye level. This is applicable to both traditional computers and portable devices. Other tips include ensuring you maintain good posture, and reducing the glare from the screens. For the specialized ophthalmologist Tom Chang MD, the latter being most important when using screens in poorly lit areas. Employing these tips and staying proactive about your eye health with annual exams can help to alleviate eye strain and body stress, as well as to ensure the health of your eyes long-term. 

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