Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a cancer diagnostic company, which he founded in 2015. The company’s primary focus is on the sequencing of genomes from cancer patients to discover and develop drugs and guide doctors in determining the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, the company achieves this by generating the patients’ molecular data, such as their clinical information but after getting consent from their patients. The company, based in Chicago, is one of the diagnostic companies that has embraced AI in accessing its data.


Tempus has recently launched Lens, a cloud-based data platform that also performs analytics. Eric Lefkofsky has confirmed that both scientists and researchers will benefit a great deal from the platform since they will have access to top-notch and latest AI analytical tools to facilitate their discovery and development of cancer drugs. With the kind of library Tempus has from the molecular data, its users will now easily access it and allow faster analysis. Eric Lefkofsky stated that since Tempus library had been experiencing a fast surge in scale:


The successful creation of the Lens platform was necessary. As a result, their partners can now have convenience in the navigation of their data in real-time. Also, researchers and scientists can now access the data on a short-term basis and minimize medical costs. Eric Lefkofsky, however, registers his disappointment on tech embrace in Chicago, unlike in other cities. He says that despite the opportunities Chicago has, such as proximity to some of the best universities and work ethic in the Midwest, it still has not prioritized innovation. He says that for Chicago to grow, it needs to include creation as part of its strategy.


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