Alejandro Betancourt is an entrepreneur with degrees in business and economics. After his studies, he began looking for projects that benefited his country to offer financial support. His track record includes an internet company, a bank, and an oil company. He is also a co-founder of an energy firm that brought thermonuclear power to his country. After a few years, Alejandro Betancourt developed a project that resulted in 11 power plants in Venezuela and provided power to the residents while creating job opportunities.

Alejandro Betancourt discovered Hawkers, a distinctive style of glasses that were made in Spain. Although they did not directly benefit humanity, they made sense from a business perspective since it was a product that people were happy paying for. Alejandro Betancourt helped the brand reach out to many customers and utilized his expertise in business to give opinions on the different stages of production and distribution strategies. In 2016, he joined the organization’s leadership team and contributed 50 million euros, and further made efforts to raise 20 million euros more. Alongside his financial support, he mobilized the company to develop more ideas that would attract more customers. He also encouraged the marketing team to use online platforms for marketing their products rather than using the traditional methods.

The organization offered their products to celebrities and fashion photographers who would suggest the products to their clients. The brand also agreed with social media influencers and requested them to post their pictures wearing hawkers. Under Alejandro Betancourt’s guidance, the brand ventured into other markets; for instance, in 2016, the brand was introduced in the Australian market. His financial instincts are documented, which has significantly affected the growth of the corporation. Hawkers also offer high-end value at affordable prices that have attracted a lot of young people.

Alejandro Betancourt believes that surrounding himself with good people and building groups that deliver high performance has helped him in all his undertakings. Despite facing many failures in life, he believes that the only thing to do after falling is to get up and keep moving forward, a strategy that has helped him remain relevant in his ventures even with the current market fluctuations. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s: Twitter.