Eric Lefkofsky and Health-tech Company, Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, a cancer diagnostic company, which he founded in 2015. The company’s primary focus is on the sequencing of genomes from cancer patients to discover and develop drugs and guide doctors in determining the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, the company achieves this by generating the patients’ molecular data, […]

Tom Chang MD: What Digital Eye Strain Is and How to Combat It

Avoiding digital screens in the twenty-first century is almost impossible. From the obvious phones and computers, to watches, alarm clocks, and cars there are screens absolutely everywhere. The influx over the last fifteen years, alone, has been staggering. It is no surprise that our eyes are struggling to keep up. Now coined, “digital eye strain”, many people are experiencing blurred […]

Alejandro Betancourt Contribution to Hawkers Success

Alejandro Betancourt is an entrepreneur with degrees in business and economics. After his studies, he began looking for projects that benefited his country to offer financial support. His track record includes an internet company, a bank, and an oil company. He is also a co-founder of an energy firm that brought thermonuclear power to his country. After a few years, […]

James Dondero Gives Tips For Avoiding Greed In The Investment Sector

In the investment industry, greed is something that has been facing most investors. Most of them have not been incorporating the necessary rationale as they work towards making sure that they are adopting some of the essential issues in ensuring that they want to get huge sums of money. This is something that should be professionally handled so that investors […]

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Impact in Hawkers Company

Hawkers Company is among the most prominent global sunglasses selling companies, with its current revenue being estimated at $70 million and sells over 10,000 pairs daily. After its formation back in 2015, the company’s success was instant. The reason for this was mainly because, unlike other well-known sunglasses brands, Hawkers’ ensured that their products were cost-effective to their consumers while […]

Securing a Grant with the Help You Need from Grants Assist Australia

Grants Assist is in the business of helping other businesses get on their feet by helping them navigate the waves of securing funding that they need. They especially place a certain importance on wanting to help small businesses and nonprofits as these are the organizations that often struggle the most. Sometimes, Grants Assist realizes, these organizations do not want to […]

Utility Warehouse Monthly Package Bill

It is a great idea to have your home administrations packaged together in a solitary bill to save time and funds. Utility Warehouse is a UK-based energy firm settled in 2002 by Telecom Plus. It is one of the most established energy firms. With securing an auxiliary in 2013, it turned into the seventh-biggest energy provider in the UK at […]