Who is the real Jesse Willms? You might think of the Chief Executive Officer for vehiclehistory.com as the first and most correct response. Another answer to that question is that he’s a salesman of service and information. However, the businessman himself has a pedigree and history worth a closer look. The use of the Internet as a tool sets Jesse Willms apart from other businessmen and entrepreneurs. He knows how to use information and exchange it on scale to create wealth and help others. 

It’s an understanding that Jesse Willms has wealth in more ways than one. If you ask the man himself, he might say that his store of knowledge came before he opened stores for business. As a matter of fact, his first enterprise included selling the books he read about businessmen to others online.

Fun fact:

  • He made his first revenue through buying books overseas and selling domestically. 

After cutting his teeth on selling books, Jesse Willms moves onto a more official enterprise named eDirect. It uses the same business model as his book sale ventures by buying overseas at a discount and selling in the US for a profit. The difference in this venture though is that the information comes in a digital form instead of printed paper. Software sales prove to be lucrative and Jesse Willms leads in the world of sales to the tune of multi millions of dollars. 

However, eDirect has a deeper purpose than just making money. And, the venture focuses on really helping people through its operations. This allows students to purchase software applications at a lower price.

Fun fact:

  • Some of the software made available through eDirect includes Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop


It’s safe to say that eDirect was the springboard Jesse Williams used to plunge into collaborations with other enterprises. This proves most profitable and works for more than 22 different businesses through the years for half a decade. This activity opened the door for a business known as Penguin Leads under Jesse Willms’ belt. In turn, the digital model for Penguin Leads fits in with the Car History Group online operations. Hence, vehiclehistory.com is born and remains a strong and steady platform used by the public.