Dr. Chris Bummer is a man that wears many hats. He is a professor, he writes books, and he is the creator of fintech. He also serves as a committee member to several organizations. Professor Chris Brummer’s hard work and determination have made it possible for him to accomplish as many things as he has.

Dr. Chris Bummer spent several years learning and gaining experience in the workforce. He has a J.D. from Columbia Law School and a Ph.D. in Germanic Studies. He also worked as a lawyer for several years before becoming a professor. Dr. Chris Brummer also spent a great deal of time researching financial systems. He was able to guide nonprofit organizations and the government with his research findings. Dr. Brummer created Fintech Week to bring leaders from different backgrounds to discuss the financial and governing community. 

Dr. Chris Bummer’s work has led to awards and nominations. In 2012 he was given the C. Boyden Gray Fellowship award. Then he was nominated by President Obama to serve as a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. 

Professor Chris Brummer believes his persistence is what leads him to success. He makes it a habit to keep going even on days where he does not feel up to it because he never knows which day his hard work will pay off. His calendar software has also contributed to his productivity.

Dr. Chris Bummer continues to share with others through his teachings and lectures. He is excited about digital inclusion and wants to see how it progresses over time. He also continues to counsel organizations about financial regulatory policies.