Asot Michael is a third-generation Antguan community leader. Michael was born in 1969. Currently, he is concerned with the public affairs of the local residence and involves himself with social politics, and administration in Antigua and Barbuda Asot Michael is the elected member of the parliament of Antigua and Barbuda from the saint peter constituency. He also serves as a member of the Labour Party of Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael went to the university of Barry, where he attained a degree in Business Administration. Michael’s expert knowledge in business and administration affairs build his interest in leadership. Michael went back to Antigua and Barbuda for his public service internship. 

Michael works with the determination of archiving more in his public service area of specialization. As a result of his handwork, Michael gets promoted to serve as the special Administration Assistant and later to the prime Minister. Holding a position in public offices is such dynamic as Asot Michael is demoted to serve as Chief of staff in the same office he served as Minister. With Michael’s ability to accept changes, he went for senator and Leader of Government Business assessment. 

Asot Michael managed to secure the position of interest where he advocates for the growth and needs of the residents. Michael later served as Minister of State in the office of Public Works, where he gave his best from the previous experience in the offices, and his efforts got well recognized by the residents and other leaders (LinkedIn). 

The background in business helped him advocate for small and large business entrepreneurs in the country. The efforts to improve the business greatly improved Antigua’s GBP and the residents’ living standards were also enhanced. He  improved his education and explored how to upgrade economic, business growth and public infrastructure. The growth of Antigua and Barbuda residents is attributed to Asot Michael, who invested his time to see the better future of the people. Michael can be classified among the philanthropists in the country who have worked to better people’s lives. Currently, Michael holds several positions in the state parliament to represent the residents of Antigua and Barbuda grievances.